Electricity demand in the Asia-Pacific is set to increase by 70 per cent by 20402 and more than double by 2050.

Asia-Pacific governments face extraordinary challenges in meeting demand in a sustainable way.

Realising our ambitions starts with three landmark SunCable projects.

AAPowerLink (Australia-Asia Power Link)

SunCable’s flagship development project, Australia-Asia PowerLink (AAPowerLink), will harness and store renewable energy from one of the most reliably sunny places – Australia’s Northern Territory – for 24/7 transmission to Darwin and Singapore via a high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system. The project includes the development of the world’s biggest integrated renewable energy and battery storage facility in the heart of the Northern Territory which could over multiple stages have a capacity of up to 6GW of renewable energy to Darwin and Singapore. This project will continue to be developed by SunCable’s management team with support from Grok Ventures.

AAPowerLink plans to capture the electricity harvested from a giant integrated renewable energy and battery complex on Powell Creek in the Barkly region of the Northern Territory, and transmit this through ~800km of overhead transmission to the Darwin region and then on to Singapore via 4,300km of subsea cables.

The overhead transmission line will generally follow the footprint of the Alice Springs to Darwin Railway Corridor. Overhead transmission will reduce the disturbance footprint for construction and maintenance, increase safety, allow flexibility in route selection through the ability to span sensitive receptors like water courses, habitats, and sacred sites, enable the infrastructure to coexist with other infrastructure, and free land underneath the lines for alternative uses.

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Impact and delivery

The integrated AAPowerLink project is all about harnessing the Northern Territory’s extraordinary renewable energy power to help Australia and Singapore realise their ambitions in global renewables leadership. AAPowerLink is a once in a generation scale infrastructure project, backed by a compelling scientific, economic and social evidence base that is set to deliver a triple win for the Asia-Pacific Region’s economies, environments and communities.

AAPowerLink will underpin a new wave of green industrial development in Darwin, create new renewable energy export markets for Australia and pioneer smarter technology for renewable energy transmission.

AAPowerLink has the potential to create thousands of jobs, a host of opportunities for local businesses and suppliers, plus investment in Australia, Singapore and Indonesia. The project has been awarded Major Project status by the Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments and has also been added to Infrastructure Australia’s Priority Initiative List. SunCable is highly motivated by the important contribution that AAPowerLink will make to the economy and employment prospects not only in the Northern Territory, but throughout Australia and internationally.

AUD ~$8billion investment in Australia

Up to 1,750 direct jobs

~350 long term operational jobs

~12,000 indirect jobs

A project like SunCable which has the potential to export clean energy to Singapore is the ultimate win-win.

Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese 18 October 2022

The original SunCable vision of exporting solar power by undersea cable…is more readily achievable because it relies on a mix of tried and tested technologies – solar panels, batteries, AC terrestrial transmission and DC undersea cable – connected together in a standard way, albeit at much larger scale and in remote locations.

Director of the Monash Energy Institute, Ariel Liebman

The NT Government is aiming for a $40 billion economy by 2030 to accelerate jobs and population growth. Projects like SunCable’s Australia-Asia PowerLink are exactly the sorts of projects which will help us get there. The Territory Government welcomes today’s announcement. SunCable’s project will position the Territory as a renewable energy powerhouse – powering Territory industries with Territory sunshine, creating new permanent jobs, and establishing a new export industry

Chief Minister of The Northern Territory,  Natasha Fyles