Embrace the Sun.
Power the Future.

58 million petajoules of solar energy fall on Australia each year1. For too long, we haven’t been harnessing this incredible potential.

Capturing that energy unlocks enormous economic and social benefits and bolsters Australia’s reputation as an innovative global exporter.

A bold vision to harness Australia’s potential

SunCable is an Australian, world-leading renewable energy company built on an ambition to harness the unbeatable potential of Australian sunshine. We were founded in 2018 by David Griffin, Mac Thompson and Dr Fraser Thompson and began developing the world’s first intercontinental power grid using the world’s largest solar energy infrastructure network to power cities with renewable energy.

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Realigning our structure to deliver on our vision

In January 2023, the SunCable Board made the difficult decision to enter voluntary administration. Following a competitive sale process, the company exited voluntary administration under new ownership lead by Grok Ventures in September 2023.

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A bright future

SunCable is moving forward, with confidence and capital. SunCable is fully focused on its ambition of building the world’s largest renewable energy project to deliver 24/7 renewable electricity to Darwin and Singapore via the world’s longest overhead and subsea HVDC transmission systems.

Grok has partnered with Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners to oversee the development of the onshore Australian components of the project and is focused on delivering the most cost effective green electrons.

We are on a mission to deliver reliable, low-cost renewable energy to both Australia and Asia.

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