Embrace the Sun. Power the Future.

SunCable represents
the next great Australian infrastructure initiative.

AAPowerLink, our renewable generation and cable transmission project embodies a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a brighter, more sustainable future for Australian people and businesses. Our Australian renewable resources will help electrify and decarbonise the Northern Territory and Asia Pacific region.

To change the world, we need to link big ambitions with the expertise, partners and skills to get the job done. At SunCable, we’re working closely with governments in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region, and partnering with scientists, engineers, infrastructure experts and First Nations Traditional Land Owners to make the dream of a brighter, renewable energy future for the Asia Pacific region a reality.

About us

Solar energy. Australian ingenuity. Global potential.


Petajoules of solar energy fall on Australia each year1


Electricity demand in APAC is set to increase by 70 per cent by 20402


Australia’s solar resource could power the world’s electricity needs 100 times over3

SunCable is developing what it expects to be the world’s largest integrated renewables project.

It will be a game-changer in the renewable energy sector. We have a clear and ambitious vision: to harness Australia’s incredible renewable energy potential to power cities, drive new economies, and support communities throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our three strategic priorities are focused around developing infrastructure to enable a revolution in electricity transmission for Australia and the Asia Pacific region:

  • Australian energy capture and transmission: developing overhead lines, renewable energy farms and battery storage for capture and transmission of electrons within Australia, in partnership with Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, and working closely with the Northern Territory and Federal governments, Traditional Owners and key stakeholders.

  • Regional energy export: developing the infrastructure for electricity transmission across the Asia Pacific region via overland and undersea cables, working in collaboration with Australian, Singaporean and Indonesian governments.

  • Cable manufacturing: manufacturing transmission cables at a dedicated facility, which will significantly accelerate global cable output and will be a critical enabler of SunCable and other renewable transmission projects in Australia and beyond.

SunCable is built on an ambition for better: a better mode of transmission, better renewable energy access and affordability, and a better future for the region and our economy. Read more about how we’re realising our strategic priorities through our portfolio of projects.

Our projects

SunCable is set to provide:

SunCable intends to generate electricity from what it expects to be the world’s biggest integrated renewable energy zone intending to deliver in stage 1 up to 900MW to Darwin and 1.75GW to Singapore of renewable electricity 24/7

Underpinning the new green industries in Darwin

Up to 15 per cent of Singapore’s total electricity needs

SunCable’s flagship project, AAPowerLink, will harness and store renewable energy from one of the most reliably sunny and windy places – Australia’s Northern Territory –for 24/7 transmission to Darwin and Singapore

Work is already underway. We’ve partnered with global, local, federal and state governments; industry in the region; First Nations traditional landowners; and some of the best scientific and engineering minds in the world to lay the foundations of a brighter future for energy in the Asia Pacific.

That future starts now.

A project like Sun Cable which has the potential to export clean energy to Singapore is the ultimate win-win.

Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese 18 October 2022

The original Sun Cable vision of exporting solar power by undersea cable…is more readily achievable because it relies on a mix of tried and tested technologies – solar panels, batteries, AC terrestrial transmission and DC undersea cable – connected together in a standard way, albeit at much larger scale and in remote locations.

Director of the Monash Energy Institute, Ariel Liebman

The NT Government is aiming for a $40 billion economy by 2030 to accelerate jobs and population growth...Sun Cable’s project will position the Territory as a renewable energy powerhouse – powering Territory industries with Territory sunshine, creating new permanent jobs, and establishing a new export industry.

Chief Minister of The Northern Territory,  Natasha Fyles